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Micro Motors was founded in 1966 by Giovanni Magni, producing miniature motors used in sound production devices.
In the early eighties, thanks to the foresight of the management in interpreting market needs, Micro Motors decided to diversify its production to include small direct current gear-motors. These gradually substituted the previous range of products. The expansion of servomechanisms confirmed this choice since the fields of application are numerous and include a wide number of market sectors.
Due to constant research and development and the need to satisfy all the customers’ requirements, Micro Motors recently increased its product range to include high power planetary gear-motors.
Today the company, after having undergone the usual generational changes, has remained very much a family run business, succeeding however to keep up with worldwide market trends and retaining the flexibility of a small company with the potential of a larger one.

Client satisfaction is the main aim of Micro Motors, acheived by maintaining high quality standards, efficient customer support, competitive prices and by offering the possibility to make small customized modifications.
Precision, extreme care and scrupolous 100% testing guarantee high quality and reliable end products.

In 2006, following management wishes, Micro Motors gained the certification of quality, in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001 regulations.
This choice was made perceiving the need to use an internationally recognized, modern organizational instrument and to keep pace with the demands of an ever-increasing competitive market.

With a view to preserving and improving the environment in which we live, Micro Motors has installed about 200 solar panels for the production of electricity.
This substantial investment will allow the company to self-generate approximately 45.000 Kw/h and to reduce its yearly emission of carbon dioxide by about 24 tons.

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